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We design products for our own brands. We are associated with skilled Craftsmen and Artisans who make the products with utmost care. From material selection to finished product everything pass through experts’ supervision and high end quality control checks. Our expert Category Team works closely with the designers to bring eye catching designs under all the different brands of Adele. Our skilled
fabricators, craftsmen and weavers works closely with the respective teams to give the best possible outputs. With the best in-house
quality control checking team we do proper quality checking of each and every product before it goes to the market. Getting the
products ready within the required turn around time. In-bounding the products to the warehouse. Passing the QC, Assigning UPC and Product distribution is
done under the strict supervision of experts in the field of Supply Chain Management and Operations. Started with Handloom Sarees but now we increased the product categories and exploring the various other segments of Ladies Ethnic Wears. 

We have moved in to the Men’s wear category and have started preparing various products across all the Men’s wear category under our brands. All these products are distributed to offline stores across India. These products are also available across all the e-commerce platforms in India. 

Bags and Accessories

Most of us would probably rate our handbag, purse, or backpack as a daily essential. Whether it’s the duffel bag we take to the gym, or the briefcase we take to the office, we all use one. Adele is a tribute to quintessential Indian sensibilities, blended perfectly with Contemporary interpretations in design, material and craftsmanship. Every handcrafted piece of Adele bags and accessories is an expression of fine individuality. Embellishments adorn materials in subtle sophistication, carefully balanced to make a distinct statement that whispers elegance. All the bags and accessories are made under our brand GENWAYNE. These products are then distributed to offline stores. The products are directly sold in online retail across all the e-commerce platforms in India. We are partnered with the with almost all the e-commerce platforms in India and we sell our products directly to the consumers online to every parts of India. 

The brand GENWAYNE is known for high quality durable leather bags and accessories. We always strive for an amazing customer experience thus do not compromise on the product quality.

We have also started exploring the Vegan Material made from 100% natural Cork for our next segment of Bags and Accessories. 



It all starts with with a blueprint of our clothing idea. It details out everything related from fabric & design construction to packaging of finished garments.


We make a prototype of the products design which confirms mainly the fit, stitch quality and design.


After Sampling is done we select and send the best possible sample for final production. It take 30-35 days to make the products ready for market.


Once the products are ready those are sent for office distribution. A selected range is sent to studio for soft catalogs for online retailing.

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