Over the past few years Adele has built a strong online presence and has been successful in promoting its Brands, Services and Products across the globe through various digital platforms by partnering with the ecommerce giants in India and Abroad. We have extended our services towards the medium and small scale industries and started collaborating with them to distribute their products through digital medium.

Our expert team in the field of technology and digital marketing has helped us and our peers to come together and showcase all our products to the consumers across the globe. 

The Consumers today are searching their favorite brands and daily consumables online. Be it fashion, household consumables or anything else, all are loving the ease of buying good products online at an affordable price. 

Adele is partnering with the new, fresh and upcoming private label brands who produce good quality products to bring them in front of all the consumers to every parts of India and abroad. 


We are thankful to our experts in the field of technology and marketing for taking our brands and product visibility at a high scale through online medium. We encourage the manufacturers and small brands of India to enhance their reach through the digital platforms as digitalization is the way forward. 

At Adele we are collaborating with our peers to bring their Brands and products in front of all the Consumers across the globe and enhancing their reach. We are supporting the Indian Partners in the field of Fashion, Apparels and Accessories to showcase and develop their business through online medium. We are keen to have more partners joining us to showcase the Made in India products to all in every parts of our Country and abroad.  

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